Hypnosis – How to Make Full Use of Emotions in Hypnosis

self hypnosis 150x150 Hypnosis   How to Make Full Use of Emotions in Hypnosis

The reality is that emotions are much easier to influence than you think. The problem is that most novices do not use this fully.

You certainly have to present the thing you want the person to do as something that will bring him positive emotions. You can go further by making the person experience the emotions from getting the benefits of doing what you want. Basically, you have to present a full emotional picture.

You can use the chunking across technique to make an even greater use of emotions in hypnosis. You can describe the positive emotions the loved ones of the person will experience from doing what you want.

A line like, “Imagine seeing the happiness in the eyes of your children”, will certainly produce an extremely powerful effect. This is because it touches on the main values of the person, in this case, on the well being of his children.

Someone once said that there could never be too much emotion. You can use this in hypnosis. The idea behind the technique I’m about to reveal is to use presupposition to make the person realize fully how strong his emotions are.

All you have to do is ask, “How happy/relaxed/confident does doing X (or getting benefit Y) make you feel?” In this case, you automatically assume that the person feels in a certain way and so will he. In turn, the emotion you base your hypnosis on will be better realized and fully accepted.

In general, you should refer to emotions throughout the hypnotic process to make the persuasion even more powerful.

Now you know how to make a better use of emotions in hypnosis. Keep learning more with my article Hypnosis- The Oldest Form of Influence.

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