Hypnotize – Using Neurological Levels in Hypnosis

Since you want to learn to hypnotize like a master practitioner, you have to understand that hypnosis is a complex science that is based on out knowledge of the mind and its work. Once you get to learn the basics, you have to progress so that y

Hypnotize thumb2 150x150 Hypnotize   Using Neurological Levels in Hypnosis

our persuasion becomes more powerful.

You should definitely learn how to use neurological levels to hypnotize people. The term does sound complex, but these levels actually refer to the different factors that determine our perception and understanding of the world and, in turn, out actions.

Most experts consider that there are six neurological levels. The first three are environment, behavior and capabilities. The other three are identity, beliefs and values and vision.

All of these levels are connected to one another. This means that a change in one will automatically leave to changes in all the other five. You can use this to hypnotize people more powerfully.

The main technique that you can and should use involves presenting a change of one of these levels that is a direct consequence of the person doing what you want. Then you have to present the other changes that occur as a reaction to the first one.

I’ll show you a simple example of how this technique can be used. Let’s say that you are in sales and that you are trying to sell a fridge. The change in environment is a new fridge in the person’s kitchen.

Then you automatically get a positive change in behavior. For instance, the person can now spend less time cleaning the fridge. In turn, this produces a change in identity. The person is happier now. This improves their capabilities as they are more efficient in house cleaning.

The beliefs and values also change positively as the person can spend more time with their kids. A change in vision also occurs as the person is more optimistic about doing housework.

Now you know how to hypnotize using neurological levels. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotize – The Myths And Realities About Conversational Hypnosis.

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