Black Ops Hypnosis – How to Make Visualization Better

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You have to make the person visualize enjoying these benefits.

This is not an easy trance even if you manage to get the person into a state of trance masterfully. That is why you should use different techniques and tips for making visualization more effective.

As a start, you have to stick to the main black ops hypnosis rules. The first one is to use positive words, emotions and suggestions at all times. You should not scare the person.

You have to be as descriptive as possible. You have to let the person see, hear and feel things as if they are happening right now. To achieve this effect, you should produce more detailed pictures focusing on all three representation systems.

For instance, you can say to the person, “Imagine how popular you will after having done this. See yourself entering a room full of people with everyone saying compliments and hurrying to shake your hand.”

You can make the benefit the person will get a continuous one by adding phrases like “every time”. Using the above example, you can say, “Every time you enter a room full of people, everyone will be looking at you, making compliments to you and shaking your hand.”

You can use the black ops hypnosis “the more, the more” pattern effectively as well. For instance, you can say, “The more popular you become the more people will admire you.”

These techniques and patterns are extremely effective to use. However, in order to make the most out of them, you have to be able to systematize them in a coherent story to make the visualization better.

Now you know how to improve the black ops hypnosis process and visualization, in particular. Keep learning more with my article Black Ops Hypnosis-Discover The Sneakiest Way To Get What You Want From People.

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