How to Hypnotize Someone – How to Make the Right Embedded Command

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In general, the process of learning and practicing is a never-ending one. That is why every bit of information and piece of advice are useful.

You may know how to make embedded commands. But does knowing the basic method make you a powerful hypnotist? The answer is “no”. You have to learn how to choose the right wording for the command. You also need to learn how to pick the best possible pattern for the given situation.

The main rule you need to keep is not to make embedded commands straightforward. For instance, instead of saying, “Do this”, you may want to use, “How about doing this to get such and such benefit?”

There is only one case in which you can use straightforward embedded commands. Those who know how to hypnotize someone use these with story telling when the person is into such a deep trance that his critical mind will not recognize the command at all.

Choosing the right words is not an easy task. You have to define the thing you want the person to do with up to three words. It should be simple so that it is easily understood when put in a more complex sentence.

The main question left is which hypnotic pattern to use to make the embedded command. If the person is into deep state of trance, you can consider saying any sentence that contains the embedded command, provided that the sentence expresses suggestion.

Those who know how to hypnotize someone usually use tag questions to influence a person when he can easily get out of the trance. Using a question with presupposition is also a good idea in such cases.

Now you know how to hypnotize someone by making the right embedded command. Keep learning more with my article How To Hypnotize Someone-The Many Different Hypnotic Techniques.

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