Learn to Hypnotize – Asking Rhetorical Questions in Hypnosis

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When you are influencing people though conversation, you can use all of its forms including questions.

It is perfectly natural for you to ask the person who is under hypnosis different questions. You will get an answer and, if you learn to hypnotize well, you will get the answer that you want.

It is a bit more difficult for novices to use open ended questions due to their fear of being exposed. That is why you would want to start with simpler techniques that involve rhetorical questions.

The idea is to ask questions to answer to which is obvious. In this way, you engage the person’s subconscious mind while the risk of getting him out of trance is virtually zero.

Tag questions are particularly useful for making the person realize the benefits of doing what you want fully. For instance, you can say, “You feel really happy about having this benefit, don’t you?”

In general, tag questions can be used for making embedded commands. They are extremely powerful. The key to using them is to adopt the right tone of voice. You will learn how to do this as you learn to hypnotize.

You can readily use rhetorical questions to show how much better what you offer is than other alternatives. You can ask the person, “Would you rather get a number of benefits from doing X or be left with nothing after doing Y?” This is a particularly effective technique.

You can also modify the technique to touch upon the person’s values. For instance you can ask, “Which is more important to you, getting benefits A, B and C or staying at your current position?”

Now you know how to learn to hypnotize using rhetorical questions. Keep learning more with my article Learn to Hypnotize – The 4 Main Steps.

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