Learn Hypnotism – Chunking Up or Chunking Down?

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However, it is equally important for novices to learn how to choose the most appropriate technique in the different situations and with different people.

Chunking is one of the techniques that you should master when you learn hypnotism. It allows you to present the different benefits the person will get from doing what you want in different ways.

Chunking up involves is all about showing the person the big picture. You show him the major benefits related to his values and beliefs. Since you cannot always be certain of these, you can use deletions and let the person come up with the benefits himself.

Chunking down is the exact opposite. You are showing the person the details of the benefits he will get from ding what you want. Basically, you are giving him small bits of the big picture. In this case, you have to be descriptive and specific and provide specific examples of the benefits.

The main question here is whether to use chunking up or chunking down, when you hypnotize a person.

Chunking up is a really effective method to use when the person’s values and beliefs are unclear. It can be used effectively when you cannot come up with detailed benefits as well.

All you have to do is ask the person questions like, “Why doing X and getting benefit Y are important for you?” You can also ask, “How does getting benefit Y make you feel?”

When using such questions, remember one of the main rules you learn when you learn hypnotism. The person has to be in a state of trance.

Chunking down is used when you know the person and his values and beliefs well. In this case, you can describe the benefits of doing what you want precisely.

Now you know how to make the right choice between chunking up and chunking down when you learn hypnotism. Keep learning more with my article Learn Hypnosis-Get People To Finally Do what You Want.

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