Hypnotize – How to Improve Your Use of Non-Verbal Communication

hypnotize12 150x150 Hypnotize   How to Improve Your Use of Non Verbal Communication This kind of flexibility is one of the things that make this method for persuasion so effective.

You can achieve even greater flexibility and better results, if you use non-verbal communication more effectively. The reality is that it is useful not only for building rapport.

You are certainly familiar with mirror imaging and how you can use it to build rapport. Once you have built rapport, you can readily use the subconscious connection you have established with the person to get him into trance and to hypnotize him.

You have to use the fact that the person will subconsciously mirror your gestures. When you say the trance word with the right tone of voice, you can readily look in one directly with a dreamy look as if you are the one going into trance.

This is a really effective technique. It is also easy to apply since you do not have to worry about making and keeping eye contact with the person.

Make your non-verbal communication coherent with your verbal one, when you hypnotize the person. While he is in trance, you should avoid making quick and sudden movements. Avoid getting into physical contact with the person as this can get him out of trance as well.

Just keep your posture relaxed. Make slow and simple gestures. Try to tone your sync language with the way you speak so that the person will accept the subliminal message that you are trying to pass to him.

You can use sudden and unexpected gestures, including touching a person, in order to get him back into trance when you hypnotize him. These are effective pattern interrupts. They are also easy to come up with and allow you to react quickly.

Now you know how to use non-verbal communication to hypnotize better. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotize – The Myths And Realities About Conversational Hypnosis.

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