Hypnotism – The Importance of Body Language for the Purposes of Hypnotism

hypnotist 2 150x150 Hypnotism   The Importance of Body Language for the Purposes of Hypnotism

However, body language can be much more useful than this. It can actually give you hints on how to hypnotize the person.

Psychologists have discovered that we actually reveal our inner thoughts with our posture, gestures and facial expressions. It is not uncommon for people to say one thing and to think another. In such cases, their body language can tell you the truth.

How is this useful in hypnotism? By reading the body language of the person, you will be able to choose the right techniques for getting the person into trance and influencing him.

What you need is careful observation, before you can actually apply hypnotism. You also need to figure out what the different gestures and facial expressions mean. Some of them are quite obvious because they are common in communication. Others are subtler and more difficult to understand.

For instance, people tend to be active with either the right or left part of their body when they agree. They are active with the other when they disagree. You can use this in hypnotism to reframe objections.

You can readily tell when someone is not listening to you and instead he is having an inner conversation with himself. In such cases, people tend to turn their head on the lean it towards their shoulder. It resembles the posture we have when we talk on the phone.

You can consider the state of mind the person is in to choose the right trance phrase. When he is talking to himself, you can use “see yourself”, “tell yourself” and “say to yourself”.

Now you how you can use body language for the purposes of hypnotism. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotism-Why Learn It?.

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