Covert Hypnosis – The Use of Facts in Covert Hypnosis

covert hypnosis 150x150 Covert Hypnosis   The Use of Facts in Covert Hypnosis

. Since the reaction is automatic, the person does not really think things through. Does this mean that there is no point in using facts?

There is not a definite answer to this question. The use of facts for the purposes of pacing and leading is essential. However, when you are giving a person just facts about the thing you want him to do, you will certainly be unable to influence his subconscious mind.

The next logical question is how to find the right balance. This is not particularly difficult to do, provided that you understand the fundamentals of covert hypnosis.

The simple rule of thumb that you can follow is to relate all facts to the features of the person’s subconscious mind and, namely, his values, beliefs, desires and emotions. This is the only way in which you can make facts relevant and important for the person.

Just think about the most obvious example of using facts in covert hypnosis – pacing. You usually use immediate pacing, describing what the person is doing right now, or past pacing, which describes the things the person has already done. In both cases, the facts are all about him.

You can readily follow the rule of thumb when using quantifiers. Just figure out how the person identifies himself. You can use his profession and/or social status as well. In this way, you can come up with effective quantifiers like, “all successful managers” and “every loving parent”.

These are particularly useful for hypnotizing because they appeal to the person’s identity and touch upon his values, beliefs, emotions and desires.

Now you know how to use facts in covert hypnosis. Keep learning more with my article Covert Hypnosis-Casting a Secret Spell To Get People To Follow Your Every Command.

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