How to Hypnotize Someone – How to Use Hypnosis for Dating

how to hypnotize someone 150x134 How to Hypnotize Someone   How to Use Hypnosis for Dating

They can literally make any date eat out of the palm of their hand. This is certainly what you would want, isn’t it?

All rules are the same when you apply hypnosis to a girl/guy you want to go out with. As a person who has basic knowledge on how to hypnotize someone, you have to build rapport. Then you need to get the person into trance, show them the benefits of dating you and make your hypnotic suggestion.

This is the basis of your plan. Form then on, you have to figure out the details. Building rapport is probably the hardest thing to do when you have feelings for the person, but it is not impossible to achieve, if you know well how to hypnotize someone.

Focus on using mirror imaging. Do your best to match your vocabulary to that of the person you want to date. Keep the same eye contact as they keep with you. Just remember to have a casual conversation with the person while building rapport.

You need to use a trance word to get the person into trance and describe the benefits of them going out with you. You may want to use a pattern interrupt, such as touching the person by the hand, provided that you are confident about using this technique.

It is a good idea to use story telling to describe the benefits the person will get when going out with you. Be descriptive and use chunking. Persuade the person that their actions have taken them to this situation, in which they want to go out with you, using cause and effect patterns.

Use presuppositions and/or linguistic binds to make the hypnotic suggestion.

Now you know how to hypnotize someone to go out with you. Keep learning more with my article How To Hypnotize Someone-The Many Different Hypnotic Techniques.

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