Learn to Hypnotize – How to Use What You Learn

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. That is why they find it extremely difficult to influence people when they actually have the opportunity to do so.

In order to achieve great results and to get people to do what you want easily, you have to learn how to hypnotize and apply the different patterns and techniques at the same time. Once you understand a pattern fully, you can readily come up with a set of variations that you can use later on.

What many people do not understand is that covert hypnosis does not have strictly set rules. You can readily improvise. You can allow yourself to make mistakes until you learn how to hypnotize effectively.

Other people will not notice that you are trying to persuade them to do something using covert hypnosis, simply because it does not involve any patterns or techniques that go beyond the standard language rules.

What you have to do is to practice extensively. Your first task is to write down different examples of the techniques and patterns you learn. Then you have to practice their use. Do some planning, if you have to. You can also use opportunities to hypnotize and improvise to see how things work.

In order to be able to use what you have learned, you need to focus on the person you are trying to influence completely. Disregard your emotions and personal point of view completely.

Being a good story teller will help you immensely for pacing and leading and for describing the benefits the person will get from doing what you want. Improve your use of adjectives and use your imagination more widely.

Now you know how to apply the different patterns and techniques that you learn when you learn to hypnotize. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article Learn to Hypnotize – The 4 Main Steps.

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