Learn Hypnotism – How to Use Comparative Deletions in Hypnotism

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In order to become a powerful hypnotist, you need to expand your knowledge constantly and learn more new patterns and techniques.

Comparative deletions are extremely useful, when you learn hypnotism and practice it. These are comparative statements that do not contain a precise comparison.

One simple example is “X is better.” You can see how the statement is not complete. We are making a comparison, but we are not saying what we compare X to.

Such patterns are widely used in hypnotism for overcoming objections in the person’s mind. Since you cannot know what other alternatives he considers, you can readily use comparative deletion to show that the thing you want the person to do is not only a good option, but a better one.

You can use comparative deletions with quantifiers to provide social proof. When you learn hypnotism, you will understand the importance of the collective mind and how it affects our choices. At this point, you need to know how to use this specific technique.

This technique is used when the person you are hypnotizing actually makes an objection. Then you can readily say, “Most people, who are in the same position/situation as you, react in the same way, but they eventually do exactly this thing to get benefits X, Y and Z.”

Notice how you are comparing the person with people like him without mentioning any names or a specific number of people. You are giving a social proof without making a false statement. In turn, the person is more likely to accept your influence and do what you want.

Now you know how to use comparative deletions when you learn hypnotism and apply it. Keep learning more with my article Learn To Hypnotize – Get To Know The Fun Facts About The World Of Hypnosis.

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