Hypnotize – 2 Tips to Hypnotize People Better

hypnotize 150x150 Hypnotize   2 Tips to Hypnotize People Better

Knowing the main techniques is a must, but you need to work on improving them as well.

Use these tips on how to hypnotize to improve your persuasion.

1) Present the emotional benefits.

You have to tell people how they will feel after doing the thing you want them to do. The use of adjectives is really important when you are presenting the benefits, so you should look for ones that present powerful emotions.

You can say something like, “By doing X, you will be more content and happier.” Similarly, you can use a question with presupposition and ask, “How much happier will doing X make you feel?”

You can also tie the action to the emotional benefit using a rhetorical question like, “How will doing X make you feel happy?” In this way, you will be able to explain your point in depth when you hypnotize.

2) Reframe possible objections during the trance stage.

You should not let the people you hypnotize make objections out loud. These objections will first occur in their mind and this is where you have to counter them.

Think of all possible objections in advance and find a way in which to counter them without mentioning them directly. For instance, if a possible objection is, “I’m tired”, you can readily say, “Doing X will make you feel relaxed”, during the trance stage.

If you have ready reframes, you will be able to counter objections automatically without disrupting the hypnotic process. In case any unexpected objections are placed, you need to use an agreement pattern to counter them effectively.

Now you know how to hypnotize better. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotize – The Myths And Realities About Conversational Hypnosis.

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