Hypnotism – How to Make Hypnotic Suggestions More Powerful

hypnotism large 150x150 Hypnotism   How to Make Hypnotic Suggestions More Powerful

Often, novice practitioners, in particular, tend to focus primarily on highlighting the benefits the person will get and put less focus on making the hypnotic suggestion powerful.

This is certainly a hypnotism mistake that should be avoided. The reality is that you have plenty of opportunities to make the hypnotic suggestion while the person is in trance. There are also many different ways in which you can actually make it.

It is best for you to pace and lead after building rapport so that you can get the person into trance and mention the hypnotic suggestion straight away. Then you can describe the benefits the person will get from doing what you want, starting with a trance word, like imagine.

You can readily embed the command you want to make as often as you deem fit. You can use it in rhetorical questions, such as “How will doing X make you feel?” Then you can explain the emotion the person will enjoy during and/or after doing what you want.

You should not worry even if the suggestion is a bit shocking and difficult for the person to accept. After all, the idea of hypnotism is to present it just as suggestion. You should not use straightforward embedded commands. Make use of words like “should” and “would”.

You do not have to use present tense to make an embedded command, when applying covert hypnotism. You can use present continuous, present perfect and future tense.

It is essential for you to keep your voice calm and flat, when making the embedded command. Make sure you do not change the intonation.

Now you know how to make more effective hypnotic suggestions in hypnotism. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotism- How Can It Work In Your Favor?.

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