Conversational Hypnosis – How to Use Language forms Better in Conversational Hypnosis

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What is the key to success in conversational hypnosis? Some may say it is all about using more and more diverse techniques. Others strongly believe that it is all about the amount of practice you have.

Each of these factors is important, but language seems to be the primary factor that will always affect your performance. As long as you know how to use the right language forms, you will have a higher chance of successfully persuading anyone to do what you want.

Use the following tips to improve your use of language forms during conversational hypnosis.

Don’t use negatives.

You will automatically create negative emotions and confusion if you do this. Instead of saying, “By doing this, you will not have any work on Friday”, you can say, “By doing this, you will have time to do everything you want on Friday including enjoying relaxation.”

Enlarge the set of adjectives you use during conversational hypnosis.

When you describe the benefits the person will get from doing what you want, you should not use only widely used adjectives like “happy”, “successful” and “relaxed”.

The more descriptive your benefit presentation is the better you will influence the person. Look at various language sources for expanding your vocabulary.

Use shift words for making presuppositions.

Presuppositions are all about augmenting time and space. You can use them effectively with words and phrases shifting time and space. These include “after”, “before”, “by”, “along with”, “beside” and “while” and many more.

Ask open ended questions during the hypnotic process.

Asking questions will not break the trance state. Quite the opposite the person will come up with the right answers and ideas in his mind. The important thing is to devise questions that require complete answers and not just “yes” and “no” answers.

Now you know how to improve conversational hypnosis using language more effectively. Keep learning more with my article Conversational Hypnosis-Learn To Hypnotize Covertly.

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