How to Hypnotize – 3 Tips on How to Hypnotize

how to hypnotize someone 113x150 How to Hypnotize   3 Tips on How to Hypnotize

Use the following tips to expand your knowledge even further, irrespective of your level of advancement at this point.

1) Build rapport using a number of techniques simultaneously.

When you know how to hypnotize very well, you will notice that it is unnatural to apply one technique for building rapport at a time. Applying a number of them simultaneously will allow you to develop a bond between you and the subject more quickly and effectively.

How do you do it? It is easy to use mirror imaging, while making compliments to the person. Similarly, you can mirror the person’s gestures while using the same eye contact as the person does. You just need to practice to get things right.

2) Use adverbs to make your persuasion more powerful.

Words like, “fortunately”, “unfortunately”, “happily” and “sadly”, to name a few, can help you a lot when you learn how to hypnotize and later on when you become a more advanced practitioner.

They give an extra emotional charge to the sentences you use for persuasion. For instance you can say, “Imagine lying on the beach under the warm sun. Luckily, the weather is warm and sunny and you can feel completely relaxed.”

3) Use an anchor before you make a hypnotic suggestion.

By using an anchor you will elicit an emotion and get the person into a deeper trance. In this way, he will accept your embedded command more easily.

For instance, you can remind him of the happiest moment in his life and then suggest that he does what you want so that he feels this kind of happiness again.

Now you know how to hypnotize better. Keep learning more with my article How To Hypnotize-Can You Effectively Learn To Hypnotize Online?.

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