Learn to Hypnotize – Using Anchors Productively

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You will definitely benefit from learning more about anchors and their use. The guidance and advice I have come up with will be useful to you to make your persuasion more powerful.

Anchors are emotional stimuli. They are used to elicit different emotions in people. The emotions usually come from associations with these stimuli. For instance, if you hear a romantic song and it reminds you of the person you love, you will feel more relaxed and happier.

What those who learn to hypnotize find difficult is to understand how such stimuli can be used in hypnosis given that they are additional elements that you have to add to your persuasion.

If you have the opportunity to use physical anchors, such as objects, pictures and songs, you should definitely do so. However, you can readily use different language patterns and kinesthetic techniques for producing a similar and often even better effect.

The effect of these patterns and techniques is direct, but it also involves the use of the person’s imagination. For instance, instead of showing him a picture with a fireplace and a cozy armchair, you can readily make the person imagine it to feel more comfortable, relaxed and secure.

Kinesthetic anchors can be equally powerful, but you need preliminary knowledge of the subject in order to be able to use them effectively. You have to figure out what kind of physical contact creates a specific emotion in the person.

For instance, most people feel relaxed and safe when someone holds them by the hand. You can readily apply such an anchor to influence a person when you learn to hypnotize.

Now you know how to use anchors more productively when you learn to hypnotize. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article Learn To Hypnotize – Get To Know The Fun Facts About The World Of Hypnosis.

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