Learn Hypnotism – How to Use Time Shifts in Hypnotism

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Knowing how the hypnotic process works will give you the basis to learn hypnotism. The important thing is to expand on this basis by exploring different aspects of the process.

When a person is in a state of trance he is still conscious. In fact, in this state of altered consciousness, his perceptions of space and time, among other things, are stronger. You can use this to learn hypnotism more effectively and to apply it more masterfully.

Your persuasion will be more powerful if you use different language patterns that focus on time shifting. There is no need for you to concentrate on the present. You can readily make the person imagine the future he will have after having done what you want.

You can use different words and phrases to create powerful time shifts. The phrases, “every day”, “every time” and “all the time” are particularly useful. You can readily say, “Every day/All the time you will enjoy financial certainty, after having done X.”

Similarly, you can focus on the exact time the person will get the benefit from doing what you want. When explaining the benefits, you can readily ask, “How soon do you want to get benefit Y?”

You can also use the “how soon” pattern to make embedded commands. For instance, you can ask, “How soon will you do X to get benefit Y quickly?”

Another similar pattern you can use is “how long”. Again, you can use it to highlight a benefit. For instance, you can ask, “How long do you want to enjoy benefit Y for?”

Again, as you learn hypnotism and become more confident in using presuppositions, you can add an embedded command into the question. You can ask, ” How long do you want to enjoy benefit Y for, after having done X?”

Now you know how to learn hypnotism and apply it using time shifts. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotism-Why Learn It?.

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