Hypnotism – Mind Reading Tricks to Use in Hypnotism

spiral 150x150 Hypnotism   Mind Reading Tricks to Use in Hypnotism

Your objective is to make the person want to do the thing that you want him to strongly.

One method for doing this is to make him believe that he subconsciously desires to do what you want him to. There are a number of tricks that will help you with this.

They can be used throughout the entire hypnotic process. Just make sure that you do not miss to use other important elements of hypnotist, as these tricks are only complementary.

You can use rhetorical questions to present the benefits the person will get from doing what you want and the action itself. The best thing about this mind reading technique is that it allows you to present the benefit as something that the person desires strongly.

Here is one example of how to use this technique in hypnotism. You can say, “Are you wondering how you can become rich by starting a multi level marketing business?”

Notice how you automatically create an interest in the person and provide for telling him more about the thing you want him to do and the benefits he will get. Just make sure you present the benefits well using techniques such as chunking.

The cause and effect patterns are really effective for mind reading and for making hypnotism more powerful. The “this means that” pattern is particularly effective for reading mind.

You can readily say to the person, “You talking to me means that you are ready to accept my suggestions.” Of course, you can be more specific and refer to an actual benefit by saying, “You talking to me means that you are ready to start your own business and make lots of money.” Use such patterns as much as you can.

Now you know how to do mind reading to make hypnotism more powerful. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotism- How Can It Work In Your Favor?.

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