Covert Hypnosis – The Role of Leadership Positions in Covert Hypnosis

notcoverthypnosis 150x150 Covert Hypnosis   The Role of Leadership Positions in Covert Hypnosis

As you certainly know, the connection between the hypnotist and the subject is essential. The connection between the subject and other people is important as well.

It is natural for us to follow the lead of others. Our mind tells us that if someone we respect and recognize as a leader does something, then we must follow his lead. This is a strong belief that is embedded into the subconscious mind from early childhood when we learn from our parents.

You can use the leadership position of another person or yours, when you use covert hypnosis to influence the person more effectively.

It is always best for you to be in a leadership position not only throughout the hypnotic process, but in general. Alpha males and females in society are natural leaders who everyone follows. You can readily get to have such a position with some extra work and more effective use of covert hypnosis.

When you are the leader the person has to follow, all you have to do is to suggestion. You can readily say, “By doing X just like I did, you can become more confident and successful just like I am.” Notice how this pattern creates powerful visualization as well.

The really great thing is that even if you are not a leader, you can readily get the person to follow the lead of someone else. You can readily use expert names and even movie character names to influence the person.

For instance, you can readily use something like, “Did what character A did, get some confidence and fight for your girl.” Notice how you get the person’s imagination to work while making a hypnotic suggestion.

Now you know how to use leadership positions in covert hypnosis. Keep learning more with my article Covert Hypnosis: Learning Simple Techniques.

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