Conversational Hypnosis – Using Pacing and Leading in Different Ways

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Video 300x278 150x150 Conversational Hypnosis   Using Pacing and Leading in Different Ways

This is applicable to pacing and leading as well.

One of the best ways to use pacing and leading is to show complex equivalence. Basically, you have to pace and lead so that the person believes that the thing you want him to do is the next logical action in a sequence. You have to make him believe that his actions lead him to another logical action/step.

It is best to use past pacing in this case. Here is a simple example of how this technique can work in conversational hypnosis. You can say to your kid, “You have played outdoors. You have had lunch. Now it is time to rest.”

Let’s say that you are a salesperson selling a product to a prospect. You can say, “You have already discovered all the benefits of the product. You have realized that your investment in it will pay off. Now you can readily buy the product and benefit from it.”

You can use pacing and leading to identify a problem and to offer the solution, which is, of course, the thing you want the person to do. This is a really effective approach to use in conversational hypnosis.

Firstly, it allows you to get the person into trance and then present to him the thing you want him to do. Additionally, you support your reasoning by presenting a problem so you will not get objections straight away.

Using the sales example, you can readily pace and lead by saying, “I know you are concerned about the energy saving. I know you have problems lowering your energy costs. I also know that wall insulation is the best method for energy saving and lowering energy costs.”

From then on, you can readily talk about the benefits of wall insulation.

Now you know how to pace and lead more effectively in conversational hypnosis. Keep learning more with my  article Conversational Hypnosis-Learn To Hypnotize Covertly.

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