Conversational Hypnosis-Too Many Mis-Understandings

I recently read a post over at about conversational hypnosis. The first thing the post says “Conversational hypnosis is the skill of putting people into a hypnotic trance with your words, without notice” and while that can be true it is not always true.

Hypnotic Trance

You are getting sleepy

First you must understand trance.  Trance is any altered state so if you start out thinking about one thing and then think about another you technically are in an altered state. So to that extent the article writer is correct but…

I believe he is implying a trance state like a somnabulistic trance or maybe slightly less deep. Now to be clear, you can use conversational hypnosis and get your suggestions accepted by the person without a trance (again meaning a deep trance).

You can say things like “Buy Now, you realize this is a good deal” which, is completely obvious as far as I’m concerned it still has an effect and is not inducing a “true” trance state.

If you pepper your conversation with these sentences you can easily get people to do what you want without actually inducing “trance”

For more information check out the article titled “Learn to Hypnotize – First You Must Know the Basics

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