Mirroring does it really work?

I was surfing the net as I sometimes do and found an interesting video post over at negotiationskillstraining.org basically about mirroring.

power of hypnosis

The video was mostly accurate except for the claim that you have to be careful not to mirror exactly or you’ll get caught. Let me be the first to tell you it’s almost impossible to get caught.

I’ve tried to get caught a number of times and never have. I’ve gone as far as to mirror a person almost the instant they moved and still never got caught.

Most people are so in their own world that you could just about light them on fire and they wouldn’t even notice. But…because the unconscious mind picks up on the mirroring it feels like you are exactly alike and that is considered a good thing.

So go ahead mirror as much as you want you’ll never get caught and on the off chance someone says “Are you copying me” Simply say “wow, I was just going to ask you the same thing. We are so much alike aren’t we.”

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Lat me know you’re alive and kicking post your comments below even if you don’t agree.

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