Can You Force Hypnosis

That’s an interesting question and according to a post I read over at and according to them you can’t Well I disagree because, well it all depends. Sorry I know that you want a simple yes or no answer but I also think you want the truth.

You can force hypnosis on an unwitting subject but it is very hard to do it on an unwilling and knowing subject. If you realize I am trying to hypnotize you and you do not want to be hypnotized there is not much I can do to put you into a trance and guide you where I want you to go.

Now when you use hypnosis covertly you can easily put someone in a mild trance and then drop in your commands and get them to do what you want. There is some skill involved but it most certainly can work.

The biggest key is knowing that they did actually enter a minor trance. If you want to see what that looks like for yourself simply ask my favorite confusion/trance creator…stop…and think about what you’re not thinking about right now.

Watch their reaction I promise you’ll put them into a minor trance that you can use to slip in your commands.

You can learn more about these techniques at my article How to Hypnotize-The Power To Control Anyone

Let me know how it works for you by posting below

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