Hypnotism-Does Your Subject Have To Be Willing?

Hypnotism for influence

Many people believe that to hypnotism can only be used on a willing subject case in point is an article I read over at aabforum.com. That my friend is 100% untrue!

You can easily use hypnotism on an unwilling person. Now to be fair if you ask someone “Can I hypnotize you” and they say “no” then it certainly can be much harder but still not impossible.

Also what is your goal in using hypnotism? If it’s to put someone in a deep somnambulistic trance then again it can be harder without their permission but again it still can be done.

As a general rule I use hypnotism to get people to do what I want so I am not putting people into deep trance. I simply use language to “trance” people out. For example…lets say I want to sell you my program. I might say something like….

As you sit there reading this article and your eyes move across the screen you naturally become aware of your ever growing desire to buy my program and as you become aware of that and continue to read you realize you’re beginning to become even more excited about buying my program and the more you become excited the more you realize you allow yourself to get it, now as you repeatedly think about it just like that you decide for yourself to go get it now don’t you.

OK, there was a ton going on in that pattern above and after you read the whole thing you should have gone into a bit of a trance.

That is but one of the many techniques to use hypnotism without first getting permission.

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