Hypnosis-Your Missing The Boat

As I surf the internet looking at the articles on hypnosis I find most talk about hypnosis as hypnotherapy. And even some of those only talk about limited techniques. I recently saw a post over at vaporpak.net

The big thing here is with hypnosis all things become possible. You do NOT have to put people into a deep trance-like state to get them to do things you want.

As a matter of fact you only need to put someone into a light trance. If you want to see what a light trance looks like simply use this phrase on someone “Stop…and think about what you’re not thinking about right now.” This will cause a mental disconnect that creates a light trance that you can use to slip people your commands.

This can also be used as a trance starter. In other words when you are looking to put someone into a deep trance you can use the sentence above and then begin your induction.

Since you obviously want to learn more about hypnosis check out my article How Do You Hypnotize – The Secrets to Getting People to Do What You Want

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