Learn Hypnosis-No Preconditioning Required

Sometimes you come across something that really makes you wince. This happened when I read an article over at lovesexmarriage101.com.

Learn Hypnosis 150x150 Learn Hypnosis No Preconditioning Required

I am all for using hypnosis in a therapeutic manner and this article talks about just that but…in the article they discuss needing to be pre-conditioned to be hypnotized. Come on now!

A good hypnotherapist can easily hypnotize someone without any pre-conditioning. I mean you don’t even have to go into a deep somnambulistic trance. You can simply have a conversation and use hypnotic suggestion. Milton Ericson used to do this all the time.

Also when you use hypnosis covertly you are most certainly not putting people into a deep trance state. You are simply creating a light trance state to slip your suggestions past their conscious mind.

Keep in mind that many times when someone is expecting you to hypnotize them they are more likely to try to avoid being hypnotized. This doesn’t mean you can’t hypnotize them it simply means you need to be more adept at doing it covertly.

There are many methods to hypnotize someone who is expecting it such as misdirection. Not unlike a magician who tells you to look at his assistant as he adjusts his prop up his sleeve, you too can use misdirection to hypnotize someone

Check out my article How to Hypnotize-The Power To Control Anyone for more about how to learn hypnosis.

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