Covert Hypnosis-Trance Not Necessary

Conversational Hypnosis

When you overtly hypnotize someone you usually put them into a deep somnabulistic trance. The kind where the person is basically out cold (not exactly but for our purposes go with me here)

When you hypnotize someone covertly you still put them into a trance just not a deep somnabulistic one. I often find it interesting how many people don’t realize this. Just like a post I read over at

In the post they claim you don’t put people in a trance with covert hypnosis. Now the rest of the post is fairly interesting and worth a read. The important thing is to understand what a trance is.

Do you remember a time you were driving somewhere and you lost track of time. Maybe you passed your exit or arrived at your destination but don’t remember how you got there. You were in a trance state.

Trance is simply an altered state so anytime you go from one state to another you are technically going into trance.  Keep this in mind as you learn to hypnotize regardless of if it’s overt or covert.

For more about covert hypnosis check out our article Covert Hypnosis-Casting a Secret Spell To Get People To Follow Your Every Command

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