How To Hypnotize-Find The Right Training

how to hypnotize someone

Before you actually take any hypnosis training you should really determine your goals first. I recently read a post over at that recommends a full blown training with 100 hours of education.

Now if you are working to become a hypnotherapist or stage hypnotist then by all means this is absolutely the way to go. But…

If you are looking to learn hypnotism to use self-hypnosis on yourself or you want to learn to hypnotize to get people to do your bidding this type of training is not only unnecessary it is probably counterproductive.

The hypnosis training discussed in the article will show you how to put someone into a deep trance with long hypnosis scripts as well as what is known as pre-talk. In addition it will inform you that you need to get permission from your subject.

Again if you are going to be a hypnotherapist or stage hypnotist I agree completely. If you are using self hypnosis or hypnotism to get people to follow your commands you would not want to do it that way.

Just imagine for a moment that you want to get a raise from your boss and you say to him/her “Listen before we get started here would it be OK if I hypnotize you?” I mean really come on now. What do you think the answer to that question will be?

Having read this post you obviously want to learn even more about how to hypnotize, go on and read my article Hypnotism-Learn Hypnotism to Get What You Want to learn more

Agree with me or disagree with me? Let me know you’re alive post a comment below

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