Hypnotism-Can You Be Hypnotized To Fall In Love With Someone


I ran across this question over at missourihypnotist.net and it still amazes me how little people understand about hypnosis and hypnotic techniques.

First of all one person said “Possibly, but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal because it’s mind control. However, you can’t hypnotize someone without their consent; so be careful about letting someone hypnotize you”

Are you friggin kidding me? This only applies to certified hypnotists and for the purposes of therapy etc. In other words formal hypnosis. People are hypnotized/put into trance each and every day.

Another comment was “No. Hypnosis cannot be used to make anyone do anything that they wouldn’t normally do. Those whom he slept with would have done so anyway, the subconscious mind protects at all times & will not allow you to do something that it doesn’t agree with, so they gave their permission – no hypnosis involved”

Again are you kidding me? Obviously these people  do not believe cults exist or Charles Manson etc. Lets get real here.

Let me show you another angle to this. When you were younger you may have believed in the tooth fairy. You may have been absolutely positive she existed until…

You caught your parents putting money under your pillow then that belief was shattered. With hypnosis/hypnotic techniques we ca implant these ideas covertly.

In the case of the post mentioned above, these people only think of hypnosis in a formal induction type setting and that is totally unrealistic. Any of these covert techniques can easily be used in that formal setting.

Yes I agree it would be unethical for a certified hypnotherapist to do this to a patient. That does not mean it cannot be done.

Obviously having read this post you want to learn even more by checking out my article

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