Hypnotism-Use It on Yourself?

In an interesting video over at hypnotizesomeonetoday.com there a few self hypnosis tips you can use to gain control of your own mind. I was a little disappointed because there was a blurb below the video how you could use these techniques to control the minds of others and there weren’t.

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Self Hypnosis On Other People?

To be fair, there are not a whole lot of self hypnosis techniques to control others unless of course you are using it to train yourself to control others.

First off you are not going to be covert about hypnotizing yourself. For one you’re going to find it very hard to think about what you want to hypnotize yourself to do and then not tell yourself about it or hide it from yourself. Besides, unless you have a split personality why would you feel it necessary to covertly hypnotize yourself?

Covert techniques are great for hypnotizing others whether it’s for personal gain, like getting a raise or a job, or for therapy, where the client is resistant to being hypnotized.

Personally I use self hypnosis almost everyday and use it to train my mind to do what I want. That could be things like building my business to spending time with my child to losing weight (lost 22 pounds from self hypnosis).

Self hypnosis techniques can help you with your own tings but probably won’t help you control others unless you are using it to train yourself to control others.

After reading this far you probably want to learn more. Check out my article Hypnotism-Learn Hypnotism to Get What You Want

Do you agree? Do you disagree? show me you’re alive and post a comment below…I dare ya!

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