Hypnosis-How Do You Do It?

I recently read a question over at howtohypnotizepeoplenow.com asking what methods do people use. This is the main reason I’m writing this particular post.

So many people want to learn to hypnotize but never really give serious thought to what it is they want to accomplish. There are so many different techniques depending on your goals that it is almost impossible to answer a question like that.

For example let’s say you want to get a raise from your boss using hypnosis. The likely hood that your boss will willingly let you put him into a deep hypnotic trance is pretty darn slim. In a case like that you want to use covert hypnosis techniques.

Covert hypnosis techniques are simply sliding your commands or suggestions past the conscious mind using normal everyday conversation. This technique too has a multitude of different techniques that are available to you and again depends on your situation.

Such as are you asking in a group setting or one on one. This will help determine how to use covert hypnosis techiques.

Now if your goal is to use hypnosis for entertaining friends and family this is again a completely different set of techniques. In this example you’d absolutely want to induce a deep somnabulistic trance and, again, there are many different ways to accomplish this.


Hypnosis-How Do You Do It?

The simple question of “what methods do people use to hypnotize?” is not so simple when it comes to an effective answer.

After reading this and thinking about what you read you naturally want to discover even more and that causes you to read my article How Do You Hypnotize – The Secrets to Getting People to Do What You Want

Do you agree with me or disagree with me? Either way prove you’re alive by posting a comment below

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