Learn hypnotism-Practice Makes Perfect?

I was reading a recent post over at adnan-khan.co.uk about practicing to learn hypnosis. While practicing anything will make you better there are some ways to minimize how much you need to practice.

learn hypnosis

Learn Hypnosisi-Do you have to practice

For example my primary business is online and I don’t have as much opportunity to speak with and interact with people as much as I used to. So how can I continue to practice? Well of course anytime I’m around other people I will practice and use my skills. But for me I like to spend 2-3 hours a day on mastering my skills.

So how can I practice without practicing? Well here are a few ways that I do this.

First I write out language patterns, binds, etc everyday. I have written out thousands and thousands of patterns to grease my unconscious mind into using them whenever I need. Now that is practicing without practicing.

Another way is to listen to trainings, audio or video over and over again. So let’s say you bought my audio program and you found it to be very educational and helpful. When you repeatedly listen to it, your unconscious mind will begin to integrate the information and be able to use it more easily.

Now, to be fair, this will NOT completely replace experiential practice because you do not get to see the results of what you’re doing. For example, in writing out all those patterns, if I wrote out ineffective patterns I wouldn’t know until I used them. But…

Since I wrote them out so many times and I’ve integrated them into my unconscious I will now have to unlearn that pattern (easier said than done) so while it can be an effective way to practice it can also cause you to learn mistakes.

After reading this post and thinking about what it says you naturally want to learn more by reading my article Hypnotism-Learn Hypnotism to Get What You Want

Do you agree or disagree, either way prove you’re breathing and post a comment below

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