Hypnosis Training-Do You Mind Read?

OK, you probably don’t read minds in the classical sense but you almost definitely mind read in the Milton Model sense. Let me explain…

In the Milton Model of hypnosis there is a technique called mind reading. And that is where you basically claim to know what someone is thinking. This can be quite effective if you understand what you’re doing and quite disastrous if you do not.

One of my businesses is training sales people in hypnotic techniques to boost their sales, you can check out the website at http://www.salestechniquesblog.com. Anyway in a recent post I talk about this exact issue.

Let me give you the example from that post. I was critiquing a post I read at someone else’s site and here it is.

Predict and Preempt (Used before the prospect has a chance to raise the objection)

Rep Response: I can imagine that one of your biggest concerns is: “How will I get my team to actually take advantage of this.” So I went ahead and prepared some ideas in advance that we’ve found particularly effective in these situations…

So this is a perfect example of mind reading and how NOT to use it. Here’s why. In the above example the sales rep using this technique is guessing about a possible objection and while he may have guessed correctly what if he didn’t?

In that case all he did is, give his prospect an objection they didn’t have in the first place. He may have resolved it and he may not have resolved it but…why on earth would offer a prospect an objection, they probably have more than enough of their own!

So how could you use mind reading correctly? Simple here’s an example of using it properly. “You’re probably thinking of something right now and as you think about that you naturally want to tell me what it is don’t you”

Now the bottom line is you are always thinking about something so that is a perfect mind read and then I offer a suggestion to tell me what you’re thinking about.

Mind reading can be powerful both for your benefit and detriment. Be careful how you use it.

Do agree or disagree? Prove you’re alive and post a comment below

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  1. herikappa says:

    Hypnosis is very effective in real life. By utilize it one may can easily succeeded in their aspect. So it is essential.

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    This blog is really very very interesting and want to teach each and every part of hypnosis and I really appreciate this.

  3. Mohit says:

    I appreciate your efforts for giving such valuable knowledge about mind reading……

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