Hypnosis-What Methods Work?

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There are so many methods to do hypnosis and the best one will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. Over at discoverhowtodohypnosis.com they have posted a particular method for hypnotherapy.

My favorite methods all revolve around using hypnosis covertly. Whether it’s in therapy or in normal everyday life. Milton Ericson, one of the greatest, if not the greatest, hypnotists of all time used covert hypnosis all the time.

There is actually a story of how someone came into his office and said he couldn’t be hypnotized to stop urinating on himself. He told Ericson he’d been to many hypnotists and none could hypnotize him or help him.

Then he basically dared Ericson to hypnotize him. All Ericson did was start talking and after talking for about 30 minutes or so the guy left. After some time passed, I don’t remember whether it was weeks or months, the guy came back.

He told Ericson, he had no idea what he did but he was cured. Now Ericson didn’t use formal hypnosis or anything like that he simple spoke to the guy, hypnotized him and solved his problem.

That is my preferred way of using hypnosis. Simply incorporate it into a conversation. This is covert hypnosis and is quite powerful and extremely effective to get people to do what you want either in hypnotherapy or in normal day to day life

After reading this post you obviously want to learn more by reading my article How to Hypnotize-The Power To Control Anyone

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Show me you’re alive and post a comment below

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  1. Enjie says:

    Well, I know about several hypnotize methods after read this article. It is really interesting to try.

  2. anymonu says:

    Great article on various ways to Hypnotize. I did visit the website http://discoverhowtodohypnosis.com and found some great ideas. Your article clearly educates us in find the right method for the right think we are trying to achieve. Thank you very much for sharing this great article.

  3. I have heard about Milton Ericson, he had been one of the great hypnotist who used to use the covert hypnotherapy.
    I truly admire him as I have started reading books as i feel hypnotherapy is the best method to reveal the truths of anyone’s life.

  4. maximus says:

    That is definitely something I really want to learn and amaze my friends. Your article shows a whole new aspect of hypnosis I never knew about.

  5. abdullah says:

    You just share a very informative method with us.
    I think these methods are really very helpful.
    To make anyone hypnotize is really so incredible.

  6. tanmi says:

    This is very true, hypnosis can control the other’s mind and can be used effectively for good causes.

  7. superhero2010 says:

    it’s great article i hope to see like this great one again and again keep on going

  8. passdot says:

    Very important article to me. You have given me the full concept about methods. Just awesome.

  9. nokiba says:

    i obviously like to learn hypnosis. a agree with you. but i have no idea about hypnosis.

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