Hypnosis-Erickson and Persuasion

I recently read a post over at selfhelphypnosis.co.uk about how Milton Erickson and Ericksonian language patterns have nothing to do with persuasion.

I was actually a bit surprised to read this. Think about it, NLP was primarily built around modeling Erickson and Ericksonian hypnosis, embedded commands, tonal marking, metaphor, etc. all came from modeling Erickson and his mastery of hypnosis.

From a persuasion side of things, what is therapy anyway. It is persuading a person about their problems. Persuading them they aren’t as big as they thought, they aren’t there anymore, they never really had them or whatever. All of therapy is one big persuasion session if of course the therapist is going to resolve anything.

I have studied persuasion, NLP, hypnosis

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among other fields and I am 100% convinced that Erickson was THE master of persuasion. There was a story about Erickson where he was asked to help a man who spoke word salad. He was completely incoherent to everyone else. What does this have to do with persuasion? Bear with me and you’ll soon see.

Erickson spent the time to learn this man’s word salad language and after taking enough time (I believe it was a year or so) he was able to speak to this man in his word salad language. One day he sat down next to the man spoke to him in an incoherent way (at least to those around him) and suddenly the man says, in perfectly understandable English I might add, “finally someone who understands me”.

Talk about persuasion! Not a single person could reach this man and along comes Erickson, speaks to him in such a way that finally begins to speak coherently. If that’s not persuasion then I don’t understand what is!

After reading this far and thinking about what you read you obviously want to learn more by reading my article Hypnosis- The Oldest Form of Influence

Do you agree or disagree? Either way prove you’re still alive and post a comment below

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  1. miromior says:

    this is the first time that i heard about using language patterns have nothing to do with persuasion, that was amazing! I think i can utilize it to help me in marketing field

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    This is very much nice article and I’m very much thankful to owner of this blog because by this I learn a lot about Hypnosis.

  3. shiran jeevi says:

    what a great article it is i never seen such a very good article for an excellent concentration the point to control our mind is very very excellent thing….keep on posting

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