Can a Simple Game Be Used To Hypnotize

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Hokey Pokey or Hokey Trance Induction

OK, I just read what I would normally consider a ridiculous post over at about how the hokey-pokey is a hypnotic induction. Now before you laugh yourself silly there is some truth in this. Read on…

Hypnosis and hypnotic inductions are about focusing the conscious mind on something. By focusing the conscious mind you open up the subconscious mind to your suggestions. That is what the whole induction process is all about.

So how does the Hokey-Pokey do this. Well think about the game…put your right foot in put your right foot out put your right foot in and shake it all about… you are consciously thinking about what you are doing and what’s coming next so you are consciously focused in and…

You are probably in  alight trance. The same type of trance we use for covert hypnosis. Now if you were so inclines you could slip in some commands during a game of the hokey pokey.

OK, now, this can also be said of almost anything that we do that takes any level of concentration, reading a book, watching a movie, playing sports games, etc. These all require a certain level of concentration and therefor are somewhat trance inducing.

In any of those examples you could slip in some commands to the subconscious and almost definitely get away with it. Now I also believe there are much better ways to accomplish this. I just thought the article was interesting and wanted to share it with you.

Since you want to learn more about hypnosis and hypnotizing people read my article How Do You Hypnotize – The Secrets to Getting People to Do What You Want

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  1. abbase says:

    I think its like a game. Because of a game can do such kind of work.

  2. herikappa says:

    it is fantastic features.I like this features very much.

  3. Paula says:

    This is so interesting. I never considered the Hokey Pokey as an induction to hypnosis. Thanks for a well written and informative post.

  4. digghk says:

    Interesting and mysterious idea!
    I want to try it.
    Thanks for sharing,guy!
    Your blog is great!

  5. jim.rotate says:

    WOW, its really amazing that a simple game can be used to hypnotize, very illustrative and knowledgeable article , thanks for posting

  6. Arsalan says:

    Yes!hypnotizing anyone is not so much easy because you have to concentrate in one’s mind,so much serious and deep thinking to control one’s mind.Hypnotizing is only the mind illusion and sleeps mind neurons.

  7. farahdila says:

    Hypnosis and the placebo effect are “so heavily reliant upon the effects of suggestion and belief that it would be hard to imagine

  8. 19thjuly2010 says:

    by reading this article one should hypnotize some one while playing some mind game with him/her. this article helpful to do so.

  9. shiran jeevi says:

    what a great article it is i never seen such a very good article for an excellent concentration the point to control our mind is very very excellent thing….keep on posting

  10. maria says:

    games can really get focused of people involve specially if he is enjoying it. this can really make others follow.

  11. aravind says:

    I never thought hokey-pokey could be used as a hypnotic method… It was something new added to my knowedge

  12. abdullah says:

    You share just an awesome information with us.
    This help me a lot.

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