Learn To Hypnotize-How To Seduce Somone

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I recently ran across a posting over at www.ubscure.com about using covert hypnosis to seduce women. Now you can most certainly do this and you need to understand how it works.

Fist of all in the post they discuss the difference between light trance and deep trance.  Here is an excerpt from the post

“This light hypnotic trance is different from a deep trance because she will not start to close her eyes or become sleepy. Instead, what will begin to happen is that her emotional state of mind will change. This shift in her state of mind will cause her to like being around you.”

OK, the part about the not closing her eyes and  her state changing is accurate. In other word a trance is in fact a state change. But that’s where it ends. Just because someone is in a trance deep or light through covert hypnosis does not mean they like you or trust you or want to be around you.

In fact I can put you into trance using nothing more than confusion and you can still hate my guts. The advantage of putting someone into a light trance is it allows you to give the person suggestions. These suggestions can be to “like me, desire me, want to date me” etc.

Simply putting someone into trance with covert hypnosis will not make them like you or want to be around you. After reading this post you naturally want to learn more by reading my article How to Hypnotize-The Power To Control Anyone

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Learn To Hypnotize

How To Hypnotize

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  1. darkgray says:

    This is pretty interesting. By this article you mean I can change a girl’s mind to my wanting for a specific period of time? I gotta learn how!

  2. dipon says:

    It is a fantastic thing I have ever seen in my life.Using this technical process I can hypnotize to anyone.

  3. zeeshan gul says:

    This Article amazes me. I will definitely try Hypnotize to Seduce my girl friend. I think light trance is better than deep trance.

  4. digghk says:

    I think that “Hypnotize” is very useful.
    It’s worth to learn?

  5. anymathews says:

    I didn’t believe this until I read your article. I am amazed to know that this is really possible to hypnotize a women. I definitely need more training on these topics. Great article that I would share with my friend via email.

  6. Arsalan says:

    This is really interesting that we can change one’s mind I want change my girl friend mind that please take bath daily,,,!…:)

  7. Yemington says:

    Though it is good in some cases, but most of the cases this hypnotize will be misused for doing crimes to women. Beware of this.

  8. Bhing says:

    This is something i would like to learn about. lol. Well i have a very loving boyfriend and i don’t think that i would seduce other guys but i am just thinking that maybe i could say something to my friends. Interesting! :)

  9. superhero2010 says:

    great one provides me with great information i hope u share more articles like this keep on going

  10. maximus says:

    I did not know that we can seduce women by hypnosis. Now I am totally intrigued into learning these tricks.

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