Hypnosis-You Should Learn More Than A Pattern

People use hypnosis all the time and for many different reasons. One of those reasons is in the dating scene as was mentioned over at http://www.articleonlinedirectory.com.

steps to hypnotize

What I found interesting in the article was that most people memorize opening lines and then after they use the opener they are stuck with nothing else to say. I find the same thing when people learn hypnosis.

Most people, I find, want to memorize a language pattern or a few language patterns figuring that’s all they need. And while language patterns are powerful and having a few memorized ones in your arsenal can be helpful, you need to be able to use these techniques at will.

In other words you need to be able to come up with hypnotic language on your own. Let’s use the dating example for a moment. If you have a great pattern you memorized like “Isn’t it interesting how as you look at someone right in front of you, you become more and more attracted to this person with each passing second” and you use it on someone this may begin the process of them becoming attracted to you. But…

Now what? What happens after that? You need to be able to then ask for the date or ask them to come home with you whatever. And what if when you do that they seem unsure? you now need to be able to amplify that attraction and convince them to go with you. How will you accomplish that?

This is why you need to be adept at language not just have a few memorized patterns. People are not automatons, each person has a unique personality and you need to be able to adapt to their uniqueness.

After reading this post you naturally want to learn even more about hypnosis and decide for yourself to read my article Learn to Hypnotize – First You Must Know the Basics

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  1. Yemington says:

    Hypnosis is quite difficult to learn but if you know the pattern and practice a lot, you will find out that it is quite easy to hypnotize.

  2. jen says:

    Well, i think everyone can do that without our knowledge. Like what you said, a couple dating, they are using some line pattern to attract their partner, plus they will look straight in the eyes will hypnotize the person. You give me an idea.Thank you for the short but informative articles. Have a nice day.

  3. dipon says:

    This hypnosis is interesting but little bit difficult.But if you know the pattern then you can learn easily.

  4. jerov says:

    every day I always visit your site, and I am very happy with what you write, every day I always wait for a new article that you wrote in your site, now I have bookmark your site and anytime I can come back to your site

  5. maria says:

    it is needed to practice and be focus to hypnotize someone. and yes that every person has a different personality therefore it was not just be a pattern.

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