How To Hypnotize-Using Presuppositions

how to hypnotize

A very powerful technique in hypnotizing people is using presuppositions and a pretty good post about this is over at

The idea of a presupposition is instead of saying to someone “You will buy me a present” which is not only overt it is kind of pushy. Also it is clearly not their idea but yours. It is much more powerful for them to think it was their own idea.

So how can this be done? Well how about something like “After you get me that amazing present you just saw for me you’ll realize how good it makes you feel.”

Now by saying “After you get me that amazing present” the presupposition is you will buy it for me because how can something happen after that if you don’t by it first? Obviously it can’t and that is the power of how to hypnotize using presuppositions.

When you learn hypnosis you want to begin to master presuppositions because they not only slide in under the radar it allows the person you are working with to think it was their own idea.  Nothing is more powerful than me thinking it was my idea to do something than to think you told me to do it.

Obviously after reading this you want to learn even more about how to hypnotize and that causes you to read my article How Do You Hypnotize – The Secrets to Getting People to Do What You Want

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  1. FULL NEO says:

    good article that makes my motivation will be improved, I’ll try it. thanks

  2. anymathews says:

    WOW.. How realistic presupposition can be. This is indeed a very powerful technique that I ready today and I love this kind of Hypnotism.
    I think it is a good technique to use under the work place with my colleagues. Thanks, for sharing this article.

  3. ajishiteru says:

    I think this is the very hard technique to learn hypnotize.
    How long for ordinary people to get and do this technique?

    • Marc The Hypnosis Guy says:

      It will depend upon how skilled you want to become. If you simply want to learn some basics and get good at persuasion you can do it very quickly. If you want to master these techniques and train others then it’s a lifetime study

  4. aravind says:

    i agree presuppositions can be used as a great weapon for hypnotizing…Its so powerful… too

  5. tanmi says:

    Yeah, this is very much possible. Hypnosis is all about mind game and Presuppositions will work right away. Thanks to you for sharing such interesting facts. :)

  6. farahdila says:

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