Hypnotism-The Key Is In Your Language

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Everyone seems to be looking for the magic gesture or phrase to easily hypnotize someone. There is no one magic phrase. When you learn to hypnotize someone you discover it’s about your language. Check out the article over at hypnosiz.blogspot.com for a good example of this.

The article uses nice language throughout. What I have discovered as I constantly learn more and more and continue to master my craft is that when you want to hypnotize someone, you’re language will make all the difference. Sure there are gestures and other techniques like anchoring etc. but…

Nothing works better than language, nothing. Think about it for a moment and you’ll obviously realize you agree. If you want to anchor an emotion like desire, you first need to elicit the emotion and how will you do that? Language of course.

If you want to have someone think about buying from you how will you get them to think about that? Again, language. And what if you want someone to make a certain decision to your point of view? I’m sure you guessed it by now…language.

There are many forms of language for the purpose of hypnosis. There  are language patterns, there are presuppositions, there are phonological ambiguities and the list goes on and on. Once you decide for yourself you want to master hypnotism to get people to do what you want, you’ll quickly realize that you want to master language to do it.

After reading this post you naturally feel compelled to learn more by reading my article Hypnotism-Learn Hypnotism to Get What You Want

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  1. passdot says:

    Ya you are right. Own language is the key of hypnotize. Thanks for your great article.

  2. darkgray says:

    I am wondering, what language do you use when you try to learn hypnotism? I mean, is there any specific language to learn? I once witnessed a hypnotism but the language used is pure English.

    • Marc The Hypnosis Guy says:

      No special language per se. It works with simple English or whatever language you speak however…you need to understand how to use language to make it work.

    • What i believe that there is no such special language required in the hypnotism process in fact the language you are using must be attractive that the person should start focus on your talk, and forget the outside world.

  3. Enjie says:

    I just know that hypnotize is scream (I watched it on television) but I understand now if it is can be fun too if we know how to use hypnotize for the kindness purpose. Thank for upload the article about The Key Is Your Language. It is make me understand about the kind of hypnotize

  4. anymonu says:

    I am glad to learn that language also can play a vital roll in hypnotism. This article is so simple and yet very informative. presuppositions are the coolest. Thank for sharing this great article. I am going to create this magic at my work place.

  5. FULL NEO says:

    a good information, but whether it can be studied hypnotis language?

  6. Bhing says:

    Hypnotism for me sounds very interesting to learn about. I mean i always heard that someone got hypnotized by someone and stuff like that but i really didn’t experience it yet or seen on how it was done. So this kind of topic caught my attention.

  7. zeeshan gul says:

    I think you are right. while hypnotize some one language is the key. Language shows your emotions and these words can do the trick for you.

  8. jim.rotate says:

    i must admit here that i am totally got interested to learn more about the hypnotism, this world looks fascinating to me , very well written article.

  9. jerov says:

    I found your article from google and I am very interested in what you write, really helped me to learn to hypnotize, I would be happy to wait for your latest article

  10. nokiba says:

    language and anchor are important for hypnotism. also emotion is important for hypnotism. language make it well. i like to be a master of hypnotism.

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