Covert Hypnosis-Making You Loopy

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How To Use Loops To Hypntoize Someone

There is a technique for covert hypnosis called loops. There is a good video over at about it. So how do loops work?

In hypnosis, you open up a loop and that leaves the person waiting for you to close the loop. It increases response potential because until the loop is closed the person will be hanging on your every word. It also causes a bit of a trance effect. This is why we use this technique in hypnosis

There are three ways to make loops work. The most common is to create a loop or number of loops during a story. By doing this you cause the person listening to the story to want to listen to the whole story to eventually close all the open loops.

The second way to use loops and by far the most powerful is to simply leave one or two loops open. So you start with loop number one then you open up loop number two. After a while you close loop number two but you leave loop number one open.

Most people will be wondering and waiting for you to close that first loop. When you leave it open they go into a minor trance waiting for that loop to close.

Did you notice what I did to use loops in this post? Go back and reread what I wrote here and you’ll notice how I opened up loops and didn’t close them all.

By leaving open some of the loops it causes you to want to learn more about these and other covert hypnosis techniques by reading my article Covert Hypnosis-Casting a Secret Spell To Get People To Follow Your Every Command

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