How To Hypnotize-Do You Need To Understand Your Subject?


When you wonder how to hypnotize some people believe it is important to understand your subject. As a matter fact this is addressed over at

Personally  I have walked up to totally strangers and used hypnosis on them. How to hypnotize is about understanding the how the unconscious mind works more than understanding a person. The unconscious mind is what’s in charge of your day to day activities.

For example when you come up with the great idea to have pizza for dinner tonight where did that come from? You didn’t consciously come up with the thought of having pizza. You may have consciously thought about WHAT you wanted for dinner and you may even have consciously thought that pizza was a good idea but…

The idea of having pizza came from your unconscious mind. So to use hypnosis on someone you want to plant ideas or suggestions in their subconscious mind. This way the idea pops into their head, they think it was their own idea and therefore have no resistance. That’s how to hypnotize.

It’s covert hypnosis at it’s best. Simply give the person a subconscious suggestion. Then let them come up with that suggestion on their own and presto you effectively used hypnosis to get someone to do what you want.

Having read this post you readily decide for yourself that you want to read my article How to Hypnotize-The Power To Control Anyone.

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