Covert Hypnosis-Is It All Language Patterns

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Covert hypnosis is more than language patterns depending upon what you consider a language pattern. This is brought up over at The key is how you define a language pattern.

For example many people will define a language pattern to hypnotize as being a single pattern for example…”After reading this post you will feel compelled to buy my program.” Now using that definition of a language pattern to hypnotize you would need to memorize hundreds or even thousands of patterns to be able to use them effectively.

However, other people, myself included define a language pattern to hypnotize as a type of language such as an awareness pattern. As an example “When you become aware that you realize you’re ever growing desire to learn more about language patterns you’ll become aware of your decision to buy my program”

In the above example we use awareness as a pattern. So once you understand this single pattern to hypnotize someone (there are more than awareness) then you can easily use this pattern in any situation. You simply talk about someone becoming aware of what you want them to do.

So if you define a language pattern as a type of language then language patterns become extraordinarily powerful and quite possibly the  only thing you need to learn to persuade people. There are many more techniques to covert hypnosis and language once mastered can be your most powerful weapon.

After reading the above post and understanding your own inner ideas of  waning to persuade people you naturally come to the conclusion to read my article Covert Hypnosis-Casting a Secret Spell To Get People To Follow Your Every Command

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