Conversational Hypnosis-How Does It Work


There are many different posts about conversational hypnosis and most of them are selling you a program or course. An example of this is over at

Now don’t get me wrong, I too am selling something but not here in this post. In this post I just want you to understand what conversational hypnosis is all about. First you should understand the basics of hypnosis.

In hypnosis you are putting your subject into a trance. In most cases the subject knows they’re being hypnotized and in fact have agreed to allow themselves to be hypnotized. In conversational hypnosis also known as covert hypnosis more often than not your subject has no idea you’re using hypnosis at all.

With this type of hypnosis you are creating a mild trance through the use of your words. It is very subtle and in that it is so subtle it is also extremely powerful. When you use hypnosis covertly it can easily guide your subject to do what you want.

Whether it’s for a date, to make a sale or to get your boss to give you a raise, conversational hypnosis has the power to get you many of the things you want in life simply by using a normal conversation.

One way to use this type of hypnosis is through confusion like as you sit there and wonder what it would be like for your feet to be in place of your hands, how would you pick things up and as you think about that you naturally want to read more about this don’t you.

Now that was a bit confusing and probably caused a slight trance for you. Then I slid in the suggestion that you want to learn more about this. It can be as simple as that and because it’s that simple you obviously want to learn more by reading my article Conversational Hypnosis-Commanding Other People Through Conversation

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