Covert Hypnosis-Does Theraputic Langauge Work to Persuade?

It amazes me how much information there is on the internet. The challenge becomes what is the best information and the most accurate information. When it comes to hypnosis you need to be careful. For example there’s a post over at with some good information but…

There’s also some misleading information. In their post they talk about covert hypnosis and how using language that was designed for therapy doesn’t work. In fact they claim scientific evidence proves it doesn’t work.

The issue is, with hypnosis, scientific proof becomes difficult because not everyone is the same or has the same effects with hypnosis. So scientific study becomes a challenge. There was a study done where people would listen to a recording of a hypnosis induction and according to this study you can’t hypnotize everyone.

First of all the flaw in this study is you can’t hypnotize everyone with a recording. When you hypnotize people you need to see their reaction and their cues. For example you can use someone’s eye blinks to hypnotize


What is the Best Hypnotic Language To Persuade

them by saying your eyes are getting heavy each time they blink. You obviously can’t do that with a recording.

Also some people may be hypnotized and not show all the symptoms of classic hypnosis. Based on this hypnosis is more of an art than a pure science so when people talk about scientific evidence when it comes to hypnosis that’s like saying scientific evidence that Picasso’s art wasn’t that special. The two just don’t go together.

I have personally used covert hypnosis to persuade people and it works like a charm, scientific evidence to the contrary. My recommendation is decide for yourself.

After reading this post and repeatedly thinking about what you read, you obviously realize you want to learn more by reading my article Covert Hypnosis-Casting a Secret Spell To Get People To Follow Your Every Command

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