Hypnosis in Writing -Is This Real?

Applying Hypnosis In Writing

is hypnotic writing really work?

There are many established books and journals to learn hypnosis in writing.  But does it work like the other types of hypnosis? According to the author from howtohypnotize.co.za, it really is. As a matter of fact he has a book entitled “Manipulation” in which you can really learn hypnosis in writing.

The main principle to learn hypnosis in writing is to be acquainted with the concept and methods of persuasion, direct and indirect commands and subliminal phrasing. These are not difficult to comprehend but then it would take years to be able to apply it.

In hypnosis, the writing would be considered hypnotic if the person writes in a manner wherein the words jump off the page that would then cause  him to take an action instantaneously.

Take a look for the phrase “cause him” from the sentence above. This is the phrase that enables the mind of a person of what is going to happen.  When a person writes a “cause him” phrase, the subconscious mind will notice it and then begins to locate it from the past and prepares for what is to come eventually.

The phrase “take an action instantaneously” is a direct command. The point of this phrase is the only thing we must know so that we can enter the subconscious part of the mind.  When a person do this, then he will truly understand of speaking directly to the unconscious.

There are many approaches to make the words stand out in a hypnotic writing in order for the subconscious mind to observe it directly. As stated from the beginning, you must master it again and again.

For more information about hypnosis, you may read my article entitled  “How To Hypnotize Someone -  The Many Different Hypnotic Techniques”. Try this out.

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