Hypnosis-It’s Not Just For Therapy

When most people think of hypnosis they think of a hypnotherapist curing someone of smoking or helping them lose weight.

These are certainly good uses for hypnosis but…hypnosis has other uses. You can use hypnosis to get a raise. You can use hypnosis to get a date. You can use hypnosis to sell something. As a matter of fact you can use hypnosis for almost anything

Now to be fair, I’m not talking about the type of hypnosis where you go into a deep somnambulistic trance. This is much more covert.

Let’s get real for a moment. Imagine being out at a bar and trying to get a guy or girl to go home with you. You whip out your watch and hypnotize this person and they slump over in their chair. Now I don’t know about you but if it were my friend I would definitely put a fast stop to that!

Instead what if you could use some simple language to induce a light state of trance. The kind of trance like when you’re driving along and space out and miss your turn. That is a very powerful trance state.

Covert hypnosis gives you the power you desire

Once you understand how to do that you can begin to get people to do what you want such as getting this person to go home with you like we were just talking about above.

The more you think about it the more you begin to become aware that this is the type of hypnosis you want to learn about.

To learn even more about how to use simple language to hypnotize people check out the link below

Black Ops Hypnosis-Discover The Sneakiest Way To Get What You Want From People

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  1. Faridul Abedin says:

    Wow.Nice article .It show the each and every part about hypnosis.I really appreciate it.

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