Learn Hypnosis-You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

learn hypnosis 150x150 Learn Hypnosis You Dont Have To Be Perfect

I remember when I first wanted to learn hypnosis. I would practice language patterns every day and would try to memorize them word for word.

What I soon discovered was most language patterns are simple and you just have to understand the basic concept of them. For example If I were trying to get you to buy my program now I might use a pattern like this…

As you read this post and your eyes move across the screen and you here your words inside your head you obviously realize you want to buy my program. And as you realize that and continue to read you’re excitement continues to grow and grow. And as your excitement continues to grow and grow you naturally come to the conclusion to buy my program.

Now that is a basic pace-lead pattern. And as I was working to learn hypnosis I would have attempted to memorize that pattern word for word. But as I said before you simply need to get the gist of the pattern and then make your own.

Her’s an example of the same basic pattern…While you’re reading this post and you notice the words on the screen and your eyes move across the screen you naturally become aware of your ever growing desire to buy my program. And as you become aware of your ever growing desire and you hear your thoughts in your head it causes you to become even more excited about your desire to learn hypnosis. And the more you become excited the more you obviously decide for yourself to buy my program now.

OK, so go through both of those patterns and you’ll see their basically the same but they are not word for word. They will both accomplish the same goal and they both follow the same format but again they are not word for word identical.

Once you’ve made the decision to learn hypnosis you should remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. Now that you’ve read this post you naturally want to learn more and you can by reading my article Learn Hypnosis-Get People To Finally Do what You Want

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