Hypnosis-Have You Been Under A Spell?

covert hypnosis

When I talk about hypnosis with people they immediately think of being put in a trance much like that of a spell. Most people seem to have a very limited understanding of what hypnosis really is.

Some people think that you can be hypnotized to do things against your will. The interesting thing is that only works if you do NOT realize you’re being hypnotized.

For example if you are at a hypnosis show where the hypnotist asks your permission to hypnotize you, you do really know what’s going on. You are simply allowing yourself to be under the influence of hypnosis and are therefore more suggestible.

If a stage hypnotist were to hypnotize you and tell you to kill someone in the audience, assuming you had values against killing, you wouldn’t do it.

On the other hand covert hypnosis is where you do not realize you are being hypnotized. This is a very different type of hypnosis. The person using covert hypnosis does not ask you for permission, they simply use covert tactics to hypnotize you.

In the case of covert hypnosis there are occasions where you can do things you normally would not do. People like Charles Manson come to mind.

Manson used a form of covert hypnosis on his followers and was able to get them to kill for him. Covert hypnosis can be very powerful and therefore very dangerous. In the case of hypnosis such as covert hypnosis you may very well be under a spell.

Naturally you want to learn more about hypnosis and that causes you to read my article Conversational Hypnosis-Do You Want The Power?

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  1. Just try to imagine and understand that what is going around in their minds? You need to acknowledge each and everything about them. Just be normal, don’t predict anything but at the same time you also need to judge him or her.

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